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Body Bootcamp Package

Immerse yourself on a journey of reshaping your body by treating your chin, back, abdomen, arms and inner thighs. Discuss with our specialists the best way to get the desired results by carefully choosing the right sequence and the most suitable timing to reboot your body. (up to 13 applicators) 


Bridal Bliss

After successfully choosing your dream dress why not try to improve even perfection by opting to couture your upper body. This package will enhance the delicate arm lines bra area, axillae and chin. (up to 7 applicators)


Mummy Makeover

Maybe is time to allow yourself to be the priority and indulge with a body contouring supersession. With six applicators to use in the areas that you decide need more tender loving care, and with a children area that is designed to give you that extra embolden, we are sure that we can make this one of the most enjoyable treats. (up to 6 applicators)


The ultimate innovative pamper party

Why not treat yourself and five of your dearest people to a fantastic six-hour session of nibbles, fat freezing treatments and good company. While each attendee takes turns for two applicators treatment the rest can catch up on the latest news, listen to music or even enjoy a Netflix flick. We will also treat everyone with fantastic goodie bags to encapsulate such a mesmerising experience. (up to 12 applicators)


Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers on frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer, feel free to contact us via email or phone.

Treatments take 40 and 60 minutes, depending on the area being treated.

During the first 4 minutes of your treatment, you may fee slight tugging and pinching from the suction. After this period, the freezing temperatures provides a numbing sensation, and you will be comfortable for the duration of the treatment.

Redness, bruising, soreness and numbness are commonly reported after treatment – this will subside over the following few hours. You will be able to go back to your daily routine immediately after your treatment.
Ensuring your drink enough water everyday will help your body to metabolise and flush out dead fat cells as quickly as possible. Massage therapy can also help boost circulation. Keeping up a healthy routine of diet and exercise is also recommended.
You will notice results begin to show around the 4-week mark, with final results show at 12 weeks
Absolutely! If we determine that you may need more than one session, you can book in 4 weeks after your first treatment.

We are opened by appointment. Please call to check availability.

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