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About Us

Our Story

New Shape Clinic was born from the desire to help a wider variety of well-informed clientele reach their full potential. With a boutique feel, this space has been designed to assure that all genders can immerse themselves in a secure, calm and specialised space where they can enjoy a meaningful treatment. We like to think that we can be a part of the journey that will make a huge difference in people’s lives. We can’t wait to be a part of your journey. After arduous research and consideration, New Shape Clinic founder, Andie, came to the conclusion that cryolipolysis (fat freezing) was the method best suited to help our clients achieve their goals. This non-invasive alternative to liposuction delivers an immense boost in confidence, allowing those who undertake it to reinvent and reshape themselves. We believe that fat freezing is a part of a holistic journey to a better you.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to support you in reshaping and contouring your body in order to make you feel more confident more empowered. This process can be looked at as the start of a new stage in life.

Nowadays we pay so much attention to what we put on our bodies, what we use to fuel our bodies, and what we put our bodies through, but we forget to balance and blend everything into one perfectly harmonious universe. Fat freezing will stimulate you to understand that the best results come in time and each day gets you closer to your desired shape.

Family-friendly facilities

When creating the vision for New Shape Clinic, we felt it must include a space for children. We understand that it is not always easy to put ourselves first. The clinic boasts a children’s area, designed for anyone over two years old. Your little ones can draw, watch a short movie or just read some books while you immerse yourself in the magic world of fat freezing. With most treatments under one hour, we hope that this area will just provide that extra support needed to also put yourself first.

After Your Treatment

The fat freezing treatment is part of a holistic approach to a happier you. Post treatment we will offer you a wonderful, liver-detoxifying tea for you to enjoy. This organic blend will set you up on your way to faster better results.

What We Believe

Professional Care

All devices and products we use are professional and have proven effeciency. No compromises.

Personalized Experience

Each guest is our favourite guest.
Come and make sure that our service
is exceptional.

We Love What We Do

People that you’ll meet in our studio
are doing job they love. Come and
make sure there is a difference.

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