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Body Shaping
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Body Shaping Treatment Clinic in Chelsea

Using state of art medical grade technology, we help our clients Reshape and Transform their bodies through Advanced Non-Surgical Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening treatments right here in Chelsea.



Target those fat pockets permanently destroy your fat cells through "Cool Assisted Lipolysis" without causing damage to other tissue structure.

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The ultimate no sweat workout to Gain Muscle – Lose Fat™. Stimulate thousands of contractions to strengthen and increase muscle

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Increase pelvic floor muscle tone and rebuild bladder control with HIPEX Chair

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Innovative way to treat fat deposits in small and large areas resulting in Fat Removal and Skin Tightening at the same time

Fat Reduction Treatments in Chelsea

most trusted Body Shaping Clinic in melbourne, Australia

Get Rid of that stubborn fat and feel beautiful with New Shape Clinic!

Who has not been advised on the need to start eating a healthy and low-fat diet to get in shape? And while there is nothing wrong with doing just that, the immediate results many expect with the diet are simply an impossible dream. No matter how much effort is put into dieting and exercise, getting the perfect body shape is an unconquerable objective. You want perfect body shape that would not only make you the attraction wherever you go, but you can confidently get into that bikini without worrying about your body looking fat. But is it even impossible? How do celebrities always have the perfect body shape – through body shaping, of course!

Bodyshaping is non-invasive and non-surgical  targeted Fat Reduction procedure and a great alternative to Liposuction. It is specifically targeted toward areas like the abdomen, Thighs, buttocks, calves, and other body parts with fats that cannot be removed with just diet and exercise. And New Shape Clinic is one such Body slimming centre you can connect with to get that perfect figure. We utilise advanced technologies and with latest pieces of equipment to provide our patients with the finest body shape solutions in Australia. Do not think for a second more and book a consultation with us immediately. Now, your desired body shape is not too far out of your reach.

Connect with New Shape Clinic – the premier body shaping clinic in Australia

In your search for a holistic Weight loss centre in Melbourne, Australia, you could not find a better companion to help you out than New Shape Clinic. Create the body that you have always wanted, quickly and safely.

Here is why you should connect with New Shape Clinic:

  • We are an advanced body shaping treatment clinic in Chelsea, Australia offering a wide range of medical grade procedures to ensure the finest results for our patients.
  • We have highly trained body sculpting specialists and nutrition coaches providing a 360 approach to body transformation process.
  • We use the latest technologies and tested methods to guarantee results.
  • Under the guidance of the New Shape Clinic’s Co-founder Preet, we employ a holistic approach to the body transformation process.
  • We will not only guide your pre-treatment but will be with your every step of the way in your journey.
  • We are a local business whose first priority is customers, and we will leave no stone left unturned in making sure that our patients are 100% satisfied.
  • Free consultation sessions at our clinic

If you have any questions, our helpline is operated by knowledgeable professionals that will try and resolve your queries immediately. No more hesitation or waiting to get the perfect body shape you deserve. Excessive fat has become a major issue for people these days. New Shape Clinic can bring you closer to your desired body shape. Now, connect with us and get rid of stubborn fat with ease.



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Shop 4, 1A The Strand, Chelsea, VIC 3196 AUSTRALIA

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